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Notre mission

 Our college was founded on the idea of accelerating the process of learning knowledge and aligning with the new technology revolution. That is why, with our partners, we rely on our ingenuity and dynamism to prepare our students to be inventive, to carry out future projects, to launch new businesses and create the jobs of tomorrow and to fill the jobs of today. Radisson College is dedicated to promoting global citizenship; our students will come from all over the world and help us integrate and settle into their new environment. The Radisson College community sees its openness to the world as a great success, as openness and broadening of scientific and cultural perspectives is a two-way street, This would encourage more and more learning and knowledge accumulation.


Our two values:

Quality: The Radisson College team and our partners attach great importance to this value and strongly believe that without a differentiation based on quality, the college will not be able to continue its mandate. The idea of creating Radisson College was born essentially on the basis of going beyond what exists in the current learning market, and therefore by its nature and existence, quality is an essential value and condition for the survival of the college and the programs it offers in collaboration with its partners. The quality will be observed at the level of the courses, the laboratories offered to the students and the mastery of the subject by the teachers,

Efficiency: We believe that, by combining the value of quality with that of efficiency, we build the foundations of a successful and solid career. Often these values are contradictory; guided by opposing forces. A growing desire to do things perfectly and with high quality is often accompanied by a certain inefficiency (waste of time, waste of resources, etc.). The opposite is also true, increased efficiency by making optimum use of resources is accompanied by a lack of quality, a degradation of precision and a greater margin of error and risk of failure. The founders and collaborators of Radisson College, understood that the formula of success would be summed up by solving the equation of double variables and double meaning, thus combining efficiency and quality, without one being opposed to the other.


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